128CM Young A-cup Sex Doll





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128CM Young A-cup Sex Doll

With a height of just 128cm or about 4 feet, this miniature companion is highly portable and easy to position, making her ideal for a variety of purposes. Her long, layered hair is perfect for styling in different ways to complement her sweet, charming face. You can tie it back in a ponytail for a sporty look, leave it loose and wavy for playful casualness or brush it straight for refined elegance. Her bangs draw attention to her bright, glassy eyes and coy smile.

Despite her small size, her body is proportionate and tastefully sculpted for a very sensual overall impression. Each part of her – from her perky bottom and smooth back to her soft, pleasurable valley – is lovingly detailed to arouse and entice. However, her flat chest gives her a deliberately underdeveloped, girl-like persona which some may find especially alluring. This cute and playful quality also makes her suitable as an unassuming model for photography.

1. Similar to other sex toys,Lifelike Sex Dolls have many benefits. From sexual intercourse to partner. The sex doll is very realistic, so many people still use her for photography models and fashion models. Even between husband and wife can be used to deepen the pleasure of sex.

2.According to their own hobbies, adjust different posture, let you experience unprecedented pleasure. You can play with them; they will be loyal and always listen to you. They can also help you through the sexual adventures of your dreams.

3.3D design: Two attractive passages, lifelike and compact, different internal structures bring you different pleasures, soft brsts can provide you with more ways to play and bring you unlimited fun.


128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollheight


128cm / 4.19ft

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollbust


55cm / 21.65in

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollbra cup

Bra Size:


128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollwaist


50cm / 19.68in

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollhips


65cm / 25.59in

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollmouth

Oral Depth:

12.5cm / 4.92in

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollvagina

Vagina Depth:

18cm / 7.08in

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollanus

Anus Depth:

10.5cm / 4.13in

128CM Young A-cup Sex Dollweight

Net Weight:

18kg / 35.27lbs



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