155CM B-cup Mature Older Sister-style Sex Doll





 155cm Sex Doll
B-cup sex doll
Older Sister-style Sex Doll
Silicone head with TPE body sex doll
 sex doll
lifelike sex doll
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155CM B-cup Mature Older Sister-style Sex Doll

Silicone head, plus realistic hair transplant technology, the doll is more realistic, TPE body, excellent hand feeling

Standing at a perfect 158 centimeters, she exudes an alluring mature charm that captivates your senses. With a well-proportioned B-cup bust, her natural curves will leave you mesmerized. Her lifelike skin texture and soft-touch feel will make every encounter feel incredibly realistic and lifelike.

Designed with the utmost care, our mature older sister-style sex doll features a captivating face with sparkling eyes and luscious lips that invite passionate exploration. Her meticulously crafted body showcases every nuanced detail, from her gentle collarbones to her curvy hips, allowing you to indulge in your deepest desires.

1. The perfect toy for beginners or experts, Mini Sex Doll She will help you release your time-tested and enjoy your private and beautiful time and space.

2. 140cm is less limited than dolls uner 140cm. It could pass more countries’ custom.

3. It is Stretchable, so no matter how big your penis is, it is all-match.

4. Your intimate love coach. You don’t need to hide or pretend anything before her.

5. Two fascinating passages, the indissoluble bond between realism and internalism and internalism brought you and various joys.


Love doll height


155cm /5.08ft

Love doll bust


74cm /29.13in

Love doll bra size

Bra Size:


Love doll waist


56cm /22.04in

Love doll hips


87cm / 34.25in

real doll mouth

Oral Depth:

13cm / 5.11in

Vagina Depth

Vagina Depth:

18cm / 7.08in

Anus Depth

Anus Depth:

17cm / 6.69in

Love doll weight

Net Weight:

32kg / 70.54lbs



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