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60CM Half Body Torso Sex Doll

A half body torso sex doll refers to a doll that only includes the upper half of the body, from the waist up. It typically includes the head, chest, arms and waist. The lower body from the hips down is not included. These partial sex dolls are more lightweight, compact and affordable compared to a full-size life-size sex doll.

The 60cm half torso doll has a height of 60cm or around 2 feet, focusing on just the top half of the body. It provides the experience of caressing and fondling the breasts, face and hair of a sex doll partner without the full body. Some people enjoy the partial doll as it feels less creepy or unsettling compared to a full doll. It also takes up less storage space and is easier to handle and move around.

1. This doll is in stock, which cut down the shipping and other costs. The price is quite cheap but the doll quality doesn’t change. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy it. Because it has limited quantity.
2. Mini sex doll and torso sex doll is suitable for people who has tight budget. These dolls are way too light than a full-sized sex doll. We support multiple payment methods, such as Credit Card B1&D, or bank transfer.
3. This kind of doll is easier to use and clean up.


Love doll height


60cm / 1.96ft



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