J85CM S A-cup Anime Sex Doll Nazuki





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J85CM S A-cup Anime Sex Doll Nazuki

Nazuki is a charming anime sex doll standing at 85 centimeters tall, resembling a real-life manifestation straight out of your favorite manga. Her large green eyes are enchanting, exuding an innocent and pure vibe, as if she were the protagonist of a comic story.

This adorable doll features a vinyl head, ensuring exquisite detail and realism. Nazuki’s body is crafted from silicone material, providing a touch that feels incredibly lifelike, almost as if you were touching real skin. This soft and flexible material not only offers comfort but also creates a more authentic experience for intimate interactions.

Her height makes her a perfect companion, whether displayed in your room or carried along on outings, adding a unique touch wherever she goes.

Whether as a collectible, a means of expressing passion, or a distinctive gift, Nazuki is sure to bring boundless joy and surprise. She is not just a doll but a vivid embodiment of a lovable anime character, adding a splash of color to your everyday life. Choose Nazuki to make her your close companion, and together, create fantastic adventures that belong uniquely to both of you.

How to Choose a Sex Doll that Meets Your Expectations?

Purchasing a full-body sex doll is a significant decision, and various factors must be carefully considered.

  1. Clearly Define Your Needs and Preferences Before selecting the ideal cheap sex doll, you first need to clarify your own needs and preferences. Consider your expectations for the sex doll and the type of sexual experiences you hope to have with it. Think about factors such as sexual orientation, appearance, body type, hairstyle, skin color, etc., to ensure that the chosen sex doll aligns with your desires.
  2. Material Selection Sex dolls are typically made from different materials, such as TPE and silicone. Each material has its unique properties, so you need to understand and choose the material that best suits you. TPE is generally softer and more lifelike, while silicone is more durable but comes at a higher price. Make a wise choice based on your budget and material preferences.
  3. Budget Planning Purchasing a full-body mini sex doll is an investment, so you need to plan your budget reasonably. The price of sex dolls varies based on factors such as material, appearance, and features. Ensure you have a clear budget before making a purchase and choose a product within that range to avoid unnecessary financial pressure.

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Height(Model) J85cm S Upper armcircumference 12.2cm(4.8in)
Upper Chest 35cm(13.8in)
Lower Chest 37.5cm(14.8in) Leg Length 45cm(17.7in)
Waist 34.5cm(13.6in) Thigh circumference 28cm(11in)
Hip 52cm(20.5in) Sole(Length) 12cm(4.7in)
Shoulder 17cm(6.7in) N.W 7.8kg(17.2LB)
Neck circumference 10cm(3.9in) G.W 9.5kg(20.9LB)
Arm Length 25cm(9.8in) Carton Size 83*30*23cm



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